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    Affordable & Flat Rate Gopher Removal Fee

    No Catch No Pay Gopher Pest Control Services In Casa Grande, AZ

    No Catch, No Pay Gopher Control Near You

    Qualified & Experienced Gopher Trappers In Casa Grande

    Qualified & Experienced Gopher Trappers

    About Our Gopher Pest Control Company

    Gopher Trapping Company With Over 20 Years Of Experience

    The Gopher Guy AZ is a reliable pest control company that has served the greater Phoenix Valley for over 20 years. We specialize in all types of pest control services in Casa Grande and have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle even the most stubborn gopher problem. You can trust that we know what we are doing, so call The Gopher Guy AZ to schedule an inspection!

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    A Humane Solution To Your Property’s Gophers Problems

    Fast & Poison-Free Gopher Control Methods In Casa Grande, AZ

    Gophers are small mammals that burrow underground to create an extensive network of winding tunnels. When they are in your yard, they destroy plants and grass by eating them from below, and they can even burrow into foundations, irrigation systems, driveways, and more. Our Casa Grande gopher control experts can help you get rid of gophers for good!

    We Use The Gopher Control Trapping Method In Casa Grande


    Trapping and relocation is one of the most humane and effective methods of gopher removal in Casa Grande. Our guys are the best in the industry!

    Gopher Pest Control Services For Different Types Of Properties

    At The Gopher Guy AZ, we offer a wide variety of gopher control services near you in Casa Grande. From thorough inspections and gopher trapping services, to poison-free gopher control and eradication, we offer many options to homeowners and farmers to ensure a safe, effective experience. With over 20 years of experience in trapping gophers, The Gopher Guy AZ is the best resource in the Phoenix area for all your gopher needs.

    Residential Gopher Control For Houses, Buildings and HOAs In Casa Grande

    Residential Gopher Control For Houses, Buildings & HOAs

    Gophers living in residential areas cause extensive damage. Through their digging and extensive tunnel networks, they can damage foundations, irrigation systems, sheds, and driveways, not to mention their affinity for eating plants and grass. Our Casa Grande gopher control company is equipped to provide effective residential gopher control.

    Gopher Removal Services For Businesses & Commercial Properties

    In commercial areas, gophers can damage professional landscaping, burrow into foundations, and disrupt expensive irrigation systems. If you are a business owner dealing with a problematic gopher infestation, The Gopher Guy AZ can help. We are qualified to provide Casa Grande commercial gopher control in a variety of areas.

    Gopher Removal Services For Businesses and Commercial Properties In Casa Grande
    Gopher Control Services For Industrial Areas, Plants and Factories In Casa Grande

    Gopher Control Services For Industrial Areas, Plants & Factories

    Controlling gophers in industrial areas can be a challenge since there is often heavy machinery and large equipment present where they can hide. As an experienced pest control service, we have the expertise necessary to provide effective Casa Grande industrial gopher control service through inspection, assessment, and strategic action.

    Agriculture Gopher Removal For Farms, Ranches, Orchards & Vineyards

    Agricultural gopher control in Casa Grande is one of our company’s top specialties. We understand the importance of keeping gophers out of agricultural areas, so we offer pest control for farms, ranches, orchards, and any other type of landscaping or agriculture-related businesses. Call The Gopher Guy AZ to schedule an inspection!

    Agriculture Gopher Removal In Casa Grande

    Detailed Property Inspections & Gopher Trapping Methods

    Flat Rate Gopher Trapping & Relocation For Casa Grande Homes

    When you call The Gopher Guy AZ for an inspection, we will visit your home, ranch, or business to perform a thorough assessment of your property. You will receive a detailed report outlining our findings and assessment, along with a variety of suggestions for effective removal. Our gopher removal experts will make sure you are comfortable with each step in our plan of action before starting.

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    5-Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Company

    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service In Casa Grande On Google
    Most Recommended Gopher Pest Control Service In Casa Grande On Facebook
    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service In Casa Grande On Yelp
    Meet Chris and Shell, happy clients of The Gopher Guy

    Meet Chris & Shelly

    Our Farm Increased Its Production By 20% By Getting Rid Of The Gophers.

    “Gopher Guy is the best! We have a small farm with plenty of pest-free produce, and tiny critters found their way into our farm. Had it not been for Thomas Johnson at the Gopher Guy, we would have lost the whole production. Thank you so much! Can’t recommend them enough and I mention them to everyone! You guys are the best!!”


    5 Star Rated Review Quote

    “Tj and team are great. Very nice and easy to talk to. We had a huge problem with some unwanted guest and he took care of them. He always communicates with us and let’s us know when and what he has done each time he comes. Highly recommend Gopher guy AZ to all !”

    Jake H.


    5 Star Rated Review Quote

    “TJ is extremely responsive and reliable. He came to my house within 24 hours (and several times on the same day) when I notified him of gopher activity. I would give him general location and he came out and would identify area and catch gopher within 1-2 days. I would recommend his service to anyone. His price is reasonable and fair.”

    Sean O.


    FAQs About Gophers & Our Pest Control Services

    Gopher dig holes to create their extensive network of tunnels. Each tunnel is used for a specific purpose including food storage, hiding from predators, birthing, protecting babies, and more. By digging tunnels and building mounds, the gophers signal to other gophers that your area is taken. Unfortunately gophers have no understanding of when to stop digging, so they can dig into foundations and other occupied areas.
    The best way to tell if the gopher holes in your yard are active is to inspect the opening of the holes. If they are plugged with fluffy, fresh dirt, it is very likely that the gopher is inside and still digging his tunnels. If the opening is covered with old dirt or left exposed, the burrow is no longer occupied.
    Gophers are generally drawn to three main things: food, shelter, and ideal soil. Gopher infestations can be quite massive , so they require loose, sandy soil that is easy to dig so they can quickly expand their tunnel network. Gopher populations require large amounts of vegetation, and seek plenty of protective areas to hide from predators.
    Typically gophers will not attack unless they feel threatened or trapped, but it is best not to approach a gopher if you see one. The biggest danger that gophers pose to children, pets, or livestock is their extensive network of tunnels that can cause injury if stepped on inadvertently.
    Gophers represent a problem because they populate very quickly and can build massive tunnel systems in a short amount of time. Depending on the time of year, a single gopher horde can be as dense as 60 gophers per acre in vegetative areas. If you suspect a gopher infestation, call a professional for an inspection right away!
    Yes, gophers can cause extensive damage next to or inside your home’s foundation through their extensive tunnels and burrows. The burrows weaken the ground around your foundation leading to cracks and collapse, and gophers have been known to even burrow straight into concrete foundations, creating a very hazardous situation.
    The price of working with a gopher control professional varies greatly depending on several factors. This includes the extent of the population, the type of area they are in, the preferred removal method, and how established the gopher horde may be. You can typically expect the price to fall somewhere between $300-$500, but it is best to get a quote directly from The Gopher Guy AZ.
    Gopher invasions are a serious matter for many reasons and should not be ignored. If you see even a single gopher on your property, it is better to be safe than sorry and contact a professional for an inspection right away. The Gopher Guy AZ will visit your property to perform a thorough inspection, and offer a variety of strategies for effective removal.

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