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    Low Cost & Flat Rate Gopher Control Fee

    No Catch No Pay Gopher Pest Control Services In Coolidge

    No Catch No Pay Gopher Pest Control Services

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    Skilled & Certified Gopher Control Specialists

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    Gopher Trapping Professionals With More Than 20 Years Of Experience

    With over 20 years of experience in the gopher and pest control industry, The Gopher Guy AZ is the #1 choice for homeowners seeking effective, thorough gopher removal. Our knowledge and training allow us to be fully equipped to handle any residential or commercial gopher problem. Trust The Gopher Guy to know what he is doing!

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    A Humane Solution To Your Gopher Problems Near You

    Comprehensive & Poison-Free Gopher Removal Methods In Coolidge, AZ

    As a top-rated Coolidge gopher control service, The Gopher Guy AZ offers a variety of humane trapping services, inspections, and poison-free gopher control methods.

    We know that the use of poison or fatal methods can be concerning to some people, so we use our extensive experience, knowledge, and creativity to bring a more traditional, humane approach to your pest problem.

    We Use The Gopher Control Trapping Method In Coolidge


    When you are looking for five-star Coolidge gopher trapping services, The Gopher Guy AZ is an excellent resource for all your needs. Call today to learn more!

    Gopher Pest Control Services For Different Types Of Properties

    For over 20 years, The Gopher Guy AZ has provided gopher and pest control in a variety of locations. Our experienced Coolidge pest control technicians are licensed to serve in both residential and commercial areas, with effective strategies for long-lasting prevention. When you contact our team, we visit your property to assess the situation and provide reliable removal solutions.

    Residential Gopher Control Service In Coolidge

    Residential Gopher Control For Houses, Buildings & HOAs

    Gophers in residential areas can wreak havoc on foundations, sheds, irrigation systems, sidewalks, landscaping, driveways, and more due to their extensive tunneling habits. As a highly trained company, The Gopher Guy AZ is certified in the latest Coolidge residential gopher control techniques. You can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands and your HOA will stay happy!

    Gopher Control For Businesses & Commercial Properties

    Along with being a nuisance in residential areas, gophers cause great damage to business and commercial properties too. Not only do they damage the professional landscaping and irrigation systems, but they can tunnel right into the foundation of the building. Contact our licensed and insured Coolidge commercial gopher control experts at The Gopher Guy AZ for help!

    Commercial Gopher Control Service In Coolidge
    Industrial Gopher Control Service In Coolidge

    Gopher Control Services For Industrial Areas, Plants & Factories

    When gophers populate an industrial area, effective removal can be a challenge due to the heavy machinery and other large equipment around. With years of experience in industrial gopher removal and prevention, our Coolidge gopher pest control service will assess your property and determine the best plan for moving forward with effective, comprehensive gopher removal solutions.

    Agriculture Gopher Control For Farms, Ranches, Orchards & Vineyards

    At The Gopher Guy AZ, we know the importance of keeping gopher populations out of farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards. Due to their high numbers and impressive underground network of tunnels, gophers cause extensive, irreversible damage to crops, livestock, and farmland. Let our pest professionals inspect your property to determine where the gophers are coming from!

    Agriculture Gopher Control Service In Coolidge

    Thorough Coolidge Property Inspections & Gopher Control Methods

    Affordable Gopher Trapping & Relocation Near Coolidge

    One of the ways we approach gopher populations is through the most common and traditional way to get rid of these pests: trapping and relocation. With extensive experience and skill, we can easily trap gophers in a wide variety of properties and landscapes and relocate them to a more suitable area.

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    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service On Google
    Most Recommended Gopher Pest Control Service On Facebook
    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service On Yelp
    Meet Chris and Shell, happy clients of The Gopher Guy in Arizona

    Meet Chris & Shelly

    Our Farm Increased Its Production By 20% By Getting Rid Of The Gophers.

    “We hired The Gopher Guy to help us with our gopher problem and it was the best decision we ever made. Not only did they get rid of all the gophers, but they also gave us some great advice on how to keep them from coming back. Our farm increased its production by 20% by getting rid of the gophers, and we would recommend The Gopher Guy to anyone with a gopher problem.”


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    “I called the gopher guy because I was tired of gophers digging holes in my yard. It’s nice now that they are gone.”

    Sara Coulson – Mesa, AZ


    Quoting review from Facebook

    “I had tried other methods to get rid of the gophers on my property, but nothing worked until I called The Gopher Guy AZ.”

    Bryan Steven – Mesa, AZ


    FAQs About Our Gopher Pest Control Services

    Gophers live inside their extensive network of underground tunnels. Each one has a different purpose such as food storage, hiding from predators, protecting babies, and more. Oftentimes, gophers will try to expand the size of their mounds and the extension of their tunnel network to signal to other gophers that the area is already full.
    The best indicator of an active gopher hole is by looking at the opening of the holes. Are they plugged with fluffy, fresh dirt? This means the gopher is likely inside and still digging. Is the opening covered with old dirt or left exposed? This means the burrow is no longer occupied.
    Gophers are typically drawn to three main things: food, shelter, and ideal soil. Gopher infestations can be quite massive, so they require sandy, loose soil to ensure easy digging. These gopher populations eat large amounts of vegetation, and they look for plenty of protective areas that offer shelter from predators before moving onto a specific property.
    Typically, gophers will not attack unless they feel threatened, but it is best not to approach a gopher if you see one. The most danger that gophers pose to children, pets, or livestock is their network of tunnels. These create the danger of collapse in foundations, play areas, and more, plus can cause ankle damage if stepped on inadvertently.
    Though gophers prefer to live on their own within their burrow system, they populate very quickly and a family of gophers can create massive tunnel systems next to each other in a short amount of time. Depending on the time of year, gopher populations can be as dense as 60 gophers per acre in vegetative areas.
    Yes. Gophers cause extensive damage to building foundations through their extensive network of tunnels and burrows. These burrows weaken the ground around foundations and have even been found within concrete foundations! This obviously creates a very hazardous situation, so call The Gopher Guy AZ right away if you suspect a gopher invasion on your property!
    The price of working with a gopher control professional varies greatly depending on the extent of the gopher population, the removal method used, the type of property, and how established the gopher population is. Typically, the price falls somewhere between $300-$500, but we recommend contacting The Gopher Guy directly for an exact quote.
    Gopher invasions are a serious matter and should not be ignored. If you see a gopher on your property, contact our team at The Gopher Guy AZ immediately. We will perform a thorough inspection of the property, and provide a strategy for effective, total removal of the gopher population. We are extensively trained and experienced in a variety of methods!

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