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    Gopher Pest Control Company in Gila Bend

    Local Gopher Trapping Experts You Can Trust

     Cost-Effective & Flat Rate Gopher Control Fee In Gila Bend

    Cost-Effective & Flat Rate Gopher Control Fee

    No Catch, No Pay Gopher Removal In Gila Bend

    No Catch, No Pay Gopher Removal Near You

    Certified & Highly Trained Gopher Trappers In Gila Bend

    Certified & Highly Trained Gopher Trappers

    About Our Gila Bend Gopher Pest Control Company

    Gopher Trapping Professionals With Over 20 Years Of Experience

    Are you a Gila Bend resident who has seen pests like gophers, moles, or voles in your backyard, your commercial property, your construction site, or your ranch? Ignoring them could be dangerous, since they can cause damage to far more than what you see on the surface. The expert trappers at Gopher Guy are ready to quickly remove them. Contact us today!

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    A Humane Solution To Gophers Problems Near You

    Fast & Poison-Free Gopher Control Methods In Gila Bend, AZ

    When you hire us, you will be getting people with a proven track record of catching gophers in ways that are both safe to the gopher and the people on your property. That means no poisons. We will do the job quickly and efficiently for very affordable rates. The location does not matter either – we have people who are experienced at trapping them in places like backyards to a ranch. The people of Gila Bend know what kind of expertise we bring. Reach out to us today – we are ready to help!

    We Use The Gopher Control Trapping Method In Gila Bend


    At Gopher Guy, we use humane traps that will not hurt the gophers, moles, or voles that enter them. Our goal is to get them and relocate them.

    Gopher Pest Control Services For Different Types Of Properties

    A gopher infestation can cause problems at whatever location they are in. They can cause homes to become unstable, ruin the landscaping work done at commercial properties, create unsafe work environments at construction sites, and take money from places like ranches or vineyards. Gopher Guy has experts that can handle trapping these pests at each of these locations. They know the nooks and crannies of the holes and tunnels that can be created and can place traps perfectly so that the result will be a trapped mole, vole, or gopher. The end result will be a gopher-free area … and you won’t have to pay if we don’t trap anything. That is how much we believe in our trappers.

    Residential Gopher Control Service For Houses, Buildings & HOAs In Gila Bend

    Residential Gopher
    Control For Houses,
    Buildings & HOAs

    You want your Gila Bend home to be safe … and that includes the area below it. When gophers build their tunnels under your place, it can weaken the foundation. That is the last thing you want. Contact us at Gopher Guy – we will trap and relocate the gophers.

    Gopher Removal
    Services For Businesses
    & Commercial Properties

    You want your business property to look good for the people that may come in. Having gophers wreck your landscaping work won’t help there. It’s time to get rid of them … and Gopher Guy can help. We will send our expert trappers to do the job efficiently.

    Gopher Removal Services For Businesses & Commercial Properties In Gila Bend
    Gopher Control Services For Industrial Areas, Plants & Factories In Gila Bend

    Gopher Control Services
    For Industrial Areas,
    Plants & Factories

    It is very important to have a safe environment for your industrial site, factory or plant. There is a lot of heavy equipment and they all need to have stable ground under them. Gopher tunnels can weaken that ground, and the last thing you want is to have that equipment sink. We can help you by removing the gophers.

    Agriculture Gopher Removal
    For Farms, Ranches,
    Orchards & Vineyards

    When it comes to your farm, ranch, or vineyard, gophers can literally be stealing money from you. They will eat your product or weaken the ground under them. We want you to be able to have your livelihood. Contact us today to get rid of those gophers.

    Agriculture Gopher Removal For Farms, Ranches, Orchards & Vineyards In Gila Bend

    Thorough Gila Bend Property
    Inspections & Gopher Trapping Methods

    Affordable Gopher Trapping & Relocation In Gila Bend

    We know that gophers can cause damage to your property, which can be very expensive. You won’t be worrying about your budget when it comes to getting them off that property. Our rates are very affordable and we do the job efficiently. We have over 20 years of experience doing this, which means that we have seen pretty much every possible situation out there.

    Our trappers will use methods that are safe for both the gopher and anyone on your property. That means no poisons. It will be pet-safe too, so you won’t have to worry about your dog, either. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service In Gila Bend On Google
    Most Recommended Gopher Pest Control Service In Gila Bend On Facebook
    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service In Gila Bend On Yelp
    Meet Chris and Shell, happy clients of The Gopher Guy

    Meet Chris & Shelly

    Reasonable price and reliable service

    “TJ is extremely responsive and reliable. He came to my house within 24 hours (and several times on the same day) when I notified him of gopher activity. I would give him general location and he came out and would identify area and catch gopher within 1-2 days. I would recommend his service to anyone. His price is reasonable and fair.”


    5 Star Rated Review Quote

    “Very happy with their services. They came quickly, inspected the property, and set his traps. When he came back after a few days he had trapped 2 gophers. We’ve covered the holes up so we can avoid any accidents while my kids and dogs play outside.Our home is not gopher-free, but just in case, I have your number on the fridge. Thank you for your services!!”

    Jeannette – Gila Bend, AZ


    5 Star Rated Review Quote

    “I did a little research before contacting Gopher Guy. Thomas was such a kind and friendly person, I’m glad I chose him! It was a very interesting and educational experience for me and the kids, as we’ve never had an encounter with gophers before. He was very patient while explaining about their lives, what they eat, and where he would be taking them. We 100% recommend him!”

    Stephanie G. – Fountain Hills, AZ


    FAQs About Gophers & Our Pest Control Services

    When gophers dig tunnels in your yard, they do it for a number of reasons. They store food there, hide from any possible predators and also signal to other gophers that your location is a good one for other gophers to come. If you see a large gopher mound, that is usually their signal. The gophers are just trying to survive.
    If there are gophers living in the hole, they usually cover it up with fresh dirt. Look for that. If you see old dirt, then chances are good that they have abandoned that hole. Still, you want to have a professional examine the hole to make sure that is the case. Remember, with us, you only pay if we trap anything.
    There can be plenty of things in your yard that would attract a gopher’s attention. They include vegetation, grass, and clover. If you have those things in your Gila Bend yard, then you might have gophers there too. At Gopher Guy, we are ready to send qualified trappers your way to safely remove them and then relocate them to a place where they won’t bother people.
    Gophers do not go out of their way to bother people, but their gopher holes could be dangerous for children, elderly people, farm animals, and pets. They could accidentally step on one of them and hurt their ankles or legs. Also, if cornered, a gopher could lash out and you don’t want your child hurt. Contact us at Gopher Guy to quickly remove them.
    Up to 60 gophers or more could be living under an acre of your land. That is the general rule of thumb when it comes to gauging how many might be there. No matter the amount, our experienced trappers are ready to get them off your property and relocated to a safe place away from people. Contact us today!
    Yes. The tunnels that the gophers make can weaken the foundation of your Gila Bend home. That is because the ground under it is not stable. You need to get those gophers out of there. At Gopher Guy, we are ready to do that for you. Once you contact us, we will send trustworthy trappers to remove the gophers.
    Other places may vary, but for us, we charge $60 for each gopher trapped. That way, there are no hidden costs or fees. You only pay for the ones that we trap. If we cannot trap anything, then you will pay nothing. Our rates are very affordable, and you will soon be gopher-free. Contact us today to learn more!
    You should move quickly when you realize that there are gophers. It might be tempting to try to save money by doing it yourself, but you risk hurting yourself and possibly doing more damage. Contact a professional, like Gopher Guy, and let them do the job. That way, you are assuring yourself of the best possible result.

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