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    Gopher Pest Control Company in Tucson

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    Cost Effective & Flat Rate Gopher Control Fee In Tucson

    Cost Effective & Flat Rate Gopher Control Fee

    No Catch, No Pay Gopher Pest Control Services In Tucson

    No Catch, No Pay Gopher Pest Control Services

    Skilled & Certified Gopher Control Specialists In Tucson

    Skilled & Certified Gopher Control Specialists

    About Our Tucson Gopher Pest Control Company

    Gopher Trapping Professionals With Over 20 Years Of Experience

    All of us at Gopher Guy are glad to use our two decades of experience to help residents of the Tucson area be rid of pests like gophers, voles, and moles. You will be getting people who are efficient at safely removing gophers from your premises. Otherwise, you risk them creating a lot of problems in your yard and below your home.

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    A Humane Solution To Your Gopher Problems Near You

    Fast & Poison-Free Gopher Control Methods In Tucson, AZ

    Our staff does not use any dangerous poisons that could pose any risk to you or your family. The methods we use are safe for both humans and gophers alike. We will send workers to your residence or your place of business and quickly return you to a gopher-free state of living. That will be relaxing for all involved.

    We Use The Gopher Control Trapping Method In Tucson


    We have an excellent reputation as the best gopher trapping service in Tucson. Reach out to us immediately if you see a gopher, mole, or vole on your property.

    Gopher Pest Control Services For Different Types Of Properties

    Over the years, we have handled removing gophers from all kinds of properties, whether they are in a residential, business, construction, or even farms. Please let us know what one of these you are located so that we know which specialists that we can send over to do the best job in the Tucson area. We stand by our results.

    Residential Gopher Control For Houses, Buildings, & HOAS in Tucson

    Residential Gopher Control For Houses, Buildings & HOAs

    Your home could be at risk if gophers are able to build their network of tunnels under it. Why? Those tunnels could weaken the ground under your home and weaken the overall integrity of it. Our workers are thoroughly trained for these situations and will come do the job of removing those gophers quickly. Your home will be safe once again.

    Gopher Control For Businesses & Commercial Properties

    You love looking at the recent landscaping job that was done around your business and commercial property. Uh-oh. Gophers came and are a danger to ruin that for you. They can do the same for your irrigation system. If you want a quick way to fix it, contact us at Gopher Guy. Our workers will trap the gophers.

    Gopher Control For Businesses & Commercial Properties In Tucson
    Gopher Control Service for Industrial Areas, Plants, & Factories In Tucson

    Gopher Control Services For Industrial Areas, Plants & Factories

    The only thing you want to focus on regarding the heavy machinery on your Tucson construction site is whether it will get the job done. You don’t want to worry about them falling into holes if gopher tunnels weaken the ground underneath them. That can happen. Reach out to us at Gopher Guy so that we can send people to remove those gophers.

    Agriculture Gopher Control For Farms, Ranches, Orchards & Vineyards

    If you are growing crops for agriculture, you don’t want gophers ruining those for you. Those pests can literally affect your livelihood. The skilled gopher trappers from Gopher Guy can save those crops and get those gophers out of your area. Our prices are very reasonable, and your ranch, farm, orchard, or vineyard will be gopher-free.

    Agriculture Gopher Control for Farms, Ranches, Orchards & Vineyards In Tucson

    Thorough Tucson
    Property Inspections & Gopher Control Methods

    Affordable Gopher Trapping & Relocation In Tucson

    We know that times can be tough. That is why our prices are highly affordable and we can work within any budget. Our gopher trappers will do the job efficiently and you won’t have to worry about your budget while they are doing their job. They also use humane methods and they also relocate them to an area where they will not bother people.

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    Gopher Control Company In Tucson With Five Star Reviews

    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service On Google
    Most Recommended Gopher Pest Control Service On Facebook
    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service On Yelp
    Meet Chris and Shell, happy clients of The Gopher Guy

    Meet Chris & Shelly

    Our Farm Increased Its Production By 20% By Getting Rid Of The Gophers.

    “Gopher Guy is the best! We have a small farm with plenty of pest-free produce, and tiny critters found their way into our farm. Had it not been for Thomas Johnson at the Gopher Guy, we would have lost the whole production. Thank you so much! Can’t recommend them enough and I mention them to everyone! You guys are the best!!”


    5 Star Rated Review Quote

    “Best pest control services I’ve hired. My property is now gopher-free and my dogs don’t start barking at random hours. Me, my family, and my neighbors can’t be happier.”

    Sara Coulson – Mesa, AZ


    5 Star Rated Review Quote

    “Thank you so much Gopher Guy! Thomas came, inspected my property and got to work right away. He found a whole family of gophers and quickly relocated them. highly recommended!”

    Bryan Steven – Mesa, AZ


    FAQs About Gophers & Our Pest Control Services

    Gophers build these tunnels so that they can do things like store food, hide from predators, and they can also use these tunnels as a way to signal other gophers that this is a good spot. Their signal tends to be a large gopher mound, so take that as a sign that many are there. They are just trying to survive.
    Examine the entrance to the gopher hole. If you see a covering of fresh dirt over it, that means that it’s occupied by gophers. If you don’t see that, then it means that the gophers probably abandoned it. Still, it’s good to have gopher experts come verify this to be the case. We are glad to help Tucson residents.
    Your yard could have several things that gophers find inviting. If you are growing vegetation, they would love to eat that. They also munch on grass and clover. So if your Tucson yard has any of those, then you could also have unwanted gophers paying a visit. The qualified trappers from Gopher Guy are ready to help.
    While gophers do try to keep to themselves, there are a couple of risks. Your child could step in a hole and hurt their foot or ankle. Your pet could encounter a gopher and make it feel threatened. The result could be a painful bite. It’s best to keep your kids and pets away until we remove the gophers.
    If you have an acre of property, you can roughly expect 60 or so gophers to set up residents. There are certain factors that come into play, but that is usually a typical rule of thumb. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Gopher Guy so that we can trap and relocate these gophers.
    Gophers burrow and tunnel under homes. This can result in the foundation becoming weakened since the ground is not stable. It’s important to get those gophers out of there fast. The highly-trained trappers will do that for you and then they will take those same gophers and relocate them to somewhere safe. They do a humane job.
    Our rates are very reasonable. You will pay $60 per gopher that is trapped and removed. You will also only pay any money if we trap the gophers. That is how much we trust our workers to do the job. If we do not trap anything, then you pay nothing. Contact us if you have any questions about pricing.
    Do not wait and hope that the gophers go away. They can cause a lot of damage underground if you do that. Instead, contact us at Gopher Guy to quickly come over and efficiently remove those gophers for you. Time is important and we will get your place gopher-free very soon. This is a time for letting professionals handle it.

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