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    Gopher Pest Control Company in Chandler

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    Affordable & Flat Rate Gopher Control Fee In Chandler

    Affordable & Flat Rate Gopher Control Fee

    No Catch No Pay Gopher Pest Control Services In Chandler

    No Catch No Pay Gopher Pest Control Services

    Skilled & Certified Gopher Control Specialists In Chandler

    Skilled & Certified Gopher Control Specialists

    About Our Gopher Pest Control Company In Chandler

    Gopher Trapping Professionals With More Than 20 Years Of Experience

    For over 20 years, The Gopher Guy AZ has served residents throughout Arizona as a five-star Chandler gopher pest control company.No matter how tough of an infestation you may be dealing with, The Gopher Guy carries the experience and knowledge necessary to handle it. Don’t wait, call The Gopher Guy today!

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    A Humane Solution To Your Gopher Problems In Chandler

    Providing Chandler With Poison-Free Gopher Removal Methods

    We know that some people may have concerns about using poison to get rid of a gopher infestation, so we proudly offer an alternative that is both safe and effective.
    Our company offers a wide variety of Chandler gopher removal and control services including gopher removal, trapping, inspections, and more. Our extensive experience allows us to work efficiently and thoroughly!

    We Use The Gopher Control Trapping Method In Chandler


    Gopher trapping in Chandler is a highly effective, toxin-free method of removing an infestation. We trap every gopher in your yard and completely, humanely remove them from the property.

    Gopher Pest Control Services For Different Types Of Properties

    The Gopher Guy carries over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry. We use a variety of humane methods and the latest techniques that are both effective and affordable, so that your home or business can be protected from the damaging effects of a gopher infestation. Call The Gopher Guy today for an estimate!

    Residential Gopher Control Service In Chandler

    Residential Gopher Control For Houses, Buildings & HOAs

    If you are dealing with gophers in a residential area, chances are that it is a persistent problem. Gophers excel in creating their own network of underground tunnels, which can cause extensive damage to your foundation, piping, landscape, and driveway. As a trained and knowledgeable Chandler residential gopher control service, The Gopher Guy can make sure the gophers are gone for good.

    Gopher Control For Businesses & Commercial Properties

    Not only are gophers a nuisance in residential areas, but they love to make their home in commercial areas and vacant properties as well. Gophers can cause great damage to landscaping, irrigation systems, and even building foundations with their network of tunnels. If you are a business owner dealing with gophers, contact The Gopher Guy AZ right away!

    Commercial Gopher Control Service In Chandler
    Industrial Gopher Control Service In Chandler

    Gopher Control Services For Industrial Areas, Plants & Factories

    Facing a gopher infestation in an industrial area can be quite the challenge, especially since there is typically heavy machinery and equipment around. As an experienced Chandler pest control company, The Gopher Guy AZ can visit your commercial property, perform a thorough inspection of the area, and provide an effective, long-term gopher removal strategy.

    Agriculture Gopher Control For Farms, Ranches, Orchards & Vineyards

    One of our company’s specialties is gopher control in agricultural areas. We know how vital it is to keep gophers out of agricultural areas, as they can cause extensive damage to crops, livestock, and equipment. We offer a variety of gopher pest control services for farms, ranches, orchards, and other agriculture-related businesses. Contact The Gopher Guy AZ today to learn more!

    Agriculture Gopher Control Service In Chandler

    Thorough Chandler Property Inspections & Gopher Control Methods

    Cost-Effective Gopher Trapping & Relocation In Chandler

    One of the most traditional methods of gopher removal is trapping. The Gopher Guy AZ has been trapping gophers for over 20 years, so we have plenty of experience and skill in using both live and lethal traps. We know how to read the situation so that our service can be the most effective in your area.

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    Five Star Rated Gopher Pest Control Service In Chandler On Google
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    Meet Chris and Shell, happy clients of The Gopher Guy In Chandler

    Meet Chris & Shelly

    Our Farm Increased Its Production By 20% By Getting Rid Of The Gophers.

    “We hired The Gopher Guy to help us with our gopher problem and it was the best decision we ever made. Not only did they get rid of all the gophers, but they also gave us some great advice on how to keep them from coming back. Our farm increased its production by 20% by getting rid of the gophers, and we would recommend The Gopher Guy to anyone with a gopher problem.”


    Quoting review from Yelp

    “I called the gopher guy because I was tired of gophers digging holes in my yard. It’s nice now that they are gone.”

    Sara Coulson – Mesa, AZ


    Quoting review from Facebook

    “I had tried other methods to get rid of the gophers on my property, but nothing worked until I called The Gopher Guy AZ.”

    Bryan Steven – Mesa, AZ


    FAQs About Gophers & Our Pest Control Services

    While nobody truly knows the reason gophers dig so aggressively and extensively, presumably it is because they are most protected from predators inside their network of tunnels. Their tunnels include nesting areas, feeding areas, food storage, and waste areas. By digging in a variety of directions and layouts, gophers can confuse predators while keeping themselves and their vulnerable young safe.
    The most effective way to know if a gopher hole is active or abandoned is by checking the openings of the holes. If the hole is plugged with fluffy, fresh dirt, you can be sure the gopher is hiding inside. If you are uncertain, The Gopher Guy AZ can visit your property to examine the area.
    Gophers are largely drawn by a few things: food sources, soil composition, and shelter. Gopher infestations eat quite a bit of food, so if your yard is plentiful in vegetation, they will set up shop. If your soil is sandy and easy to move, the gophers will happily start building tunnels. Lastly, gophers are prey to many larger animals, and need plenty of protective areas to stay safe.
    Gophers tend to keep to themselves as they are hunted by many animals. They are quite skittish and will keep to themselves unless directly threatened. The holes they dig can cause injury to children, dogs, or livestock if they are stepped on inadvertently, so it is wise to eradicate the gophers completely even if no direct harm has been done.
    Depending on the time of year, the density of a gopher population can be as high as 60 or more per acre, in highway irrigated or vegetative areas. Many gophers like to live alone within their burrow system, except when the female is caring for her young or during breeding season.

    However, one single gopher can still cause extensive damage.

    Yes! Gophers burrow and tunnel extensively, causing incredible damage to landscape, yards, driveways, sidewalks, fields, irrigation, pipes, and more. They have even been known to burrow into the foundation of houses or commercial buildings, which can weaken the structure and be very dangerous for the inhabitants. If you discover a gopher infestation, contact The Gopher Guy AZ right away!
    The cost of hiring a gopher control professional can vary greatly depending on the size of the property, extent of tunneling, number of gophers, and how established the infestation is in your yard. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere between $300-$500, but we recommend contacting The Gopher Guy AZ directly for a more specific estimate!
    If you suspect a gopher invasion on your property, the best response is to contact a professional such as The Gopher Guy AZ immediately. The longer you ignore a potential gopher problem, the more time the gophers have to inflict extensive damage to your yard and buildings. We respond immediately by visiting your property to assess the situation and provide a removal estimate.

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