Understanding Gophers: Behavior, Appearance & Life Cycle

Know The Enemy: How To Detect Gophers Based On Their Behavior

Though they may seem like small, friendly creatures, gophers have been around longer than people have. They are known for their extensive network of tunnels and their food storage behavior. But, aside from that, many people don’t know much about them. That is why we decided to prepare this article and shed some light on this topic.

From what they eat to what they can do to your garden, here’s everything you need to know about Gophers before calling your trusted Gilbert gopher pest control company.

Understanding The Behavior Of Gophers In Arizona

Gopher’s Appearance & Behavior

Gopher’s body measures range from 6 to 14 inches long. They have black or brown fur, dark eyes, and small ears. They also have a slender body that allows them to fit into narrow tunnels. 

Since they are small, their weight is around 0.5lbs, and their tails measure only 1 to 2 inches. Their tails are one of their most distinctive features because they are considerably shorter than those of other rodents.

Another distinctive feature is the pouches on their cheeks. These pouches allow them to carry food to different locations. 

Their mouth and teeth are designed to help gophers survive in their environment. They have flat molars that make it easy to chew up rough vegetation. They can easily close their lips while keeping the incisor teeth exposed.  

Gophers are solitary creatures except during breeding. Nonetheless, they can share the same living space with other animals like toads, lizards, and rabbits. They are not aggressive towards humans, but they can hide fast underground to protect themselves. 

Reproduction & Life Cycle

Male gophers go in search of female gophers during spring. These creatures usually breed just once each year, but there have been some cases of double breeding a year. 

You can contact a Chandler gopher trapper in the spring if you think you have gophers in your yard. This way, the gopher trapper can act on time to avoid gopher’s breeding.

Gopher pups are born blind. They do not see or hear until they are 40 days old. They stay with their mothers until they can build their underground tunnels. Once they reach that phase, they can live from one to four years, but only if their predators are not threatening their life.

Gopher’s Habitat

Gophers can live in numerous environments and altitudes. They are territorial and more comfortable alone, so they prefer to stay inside their burrows. 

Since they are fossorial, they prefer soft, muddy soils. They also prefer places with lots of vegetation because they use them as protection.  

What Do They Eat?

Gophers are herbivores, so they eat juicy plants and vegetables, including bulbs, roots, and tubers. This is usually why many people consider them a big issue in agricultural lands. 

When a gopher finds the roots of plants growing, they pull the plant down to eat it. This tactic is problematic for many homeowners who decide to plant their vegetables. If that’s your case, you should contact Florence gopher removal services to avoid more damage.

How To Identify Gopher Damage

You may have gophers at home if you notice the following signs of damage:

  • Kidney piles of soil that include plugged tunnel entrances
  • Clipped trees or shrubs above ground level
  • Root damage or exposure in seedlings
  • Gnawed electrical and water lines 

You may confuse gopher damage with that of moles, but remember that the soil mounds are different. Gopher mounds are crescent-shaped, while mole mounds are cone-shaped. 

They can damage your lawn with their tunnels, so you must act on time if you want to keep your plants in good condition. If you see kidney-shaped mounds in your garden, contact a gopher trapper immediately. 

Should I Contact An Arizona Gopher Pest Control Company?

You definitely should contact a professional gopher trapper once you see any signs of damage in your garden. Even if you are not sure there’s a gopher, contact a professional to receive better guidance and inspection.

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