When Do Gophers Come Out Of Their Holes? Tips & Best Practices For Trapping Them

How To Trap Gophers When They Come Out Of Their Holes

Gophers may look adorable, but once they burrow into your backyard, you won’t see them like innocent little creatures anymore. Gophers can make your precious plants disappear into the ground and destroy your yard decor with dirt mounds everywhere. There’s nothing cute about that because they are destructive pests!

But even if you already have destructive gophers in your yard, there is an effective solution. You can call a Chandler gopher trapper to eradicate them and recover your garden from destruction.

You can also get valuable information about their lifestyle to simplify the removal process. In this article, we will explain when gophers come out of their holes and how you can trap them with the help of professionals.

When Do Pocket Gophers Come Out Of Their Tunnels & Holes?

Pocket gophers spend most of their time underground because they have an amazing tunnel system. They rarely go overground, and when they do, they usually do it at half their body’s length, never more than that. Therefore, you need background information to understand their behavior and when they come out of their holes.

These furry creatures dig massive systems of deep tunnels that can reach from 200 to 2,000 square feet. That is why they don’t spend much time on the surface; their lifestyle occurs in their burrows, so they always eat, nest, and reproduce underground.

They feed on roots accessible from their tunnels, but they can pop out of some holes to pluck food from nearby areas. They are also sneaky with their feed holes.

You may not see them until you miss a lot of foliage from your favorite plant! A Coolidge gopher trapper can help you find them with less effort.

When Are Gophers Most Active?

Gophers seem to prefer evening hours and twilight. But, unlike many rodents, pocket gophers have no problem burrowing during the day. They are particularly active during the spring since it is the best season for them, creating up to four mounds daily!

Do They Come Out Of Their Holes At Night?

Pocket gophers can be active at any time of the day, so you should focus more on the time of the year than the time of the day. They do not hibernate, but they aren’t as active as usual during winter and summer. These seasons have extreme temperatures, and gophers feel uncomfortable with that.

Do Gophers Frequently Come Out Of Their Holes?

You can catch a gopher out of its burrows, but keep in mind these creatures spend most of their time underground. They only leave their burrows to eat, push dirt out of their tunnels, and move to another area.

You may never see a gopher outside its tunnel system unless you tempt it to leave the place somehow.

How Can I Know If a Gopher Hole Is Currently Active?

You can get help from Gilbert gopher removal services, but you can also check that on your own. All you have to do is to check the gopher holes to see if they have mounds of fresh dirt built up around them. When gophers dig out tunnels, they push the dirt onward the opening. These mounds have a crescent-moon shape, so they are not too difficult to notice.

You can identify active gopher holes by their shaped mounds.

How Can I Lure a Gopher Out Of Its Hole?

Gophers are loners; they do not like sharing with others of their species, especially when they come out of their burrows. Sadly, that doesn’t mean they are not dangerous; one single gopher can wreak havoc on your garden by creating many tunnel systems and mounds per day.

You can get rid of them with different methods, including:

  • Use homemade baits to trap them. You can use alfalfa greens, lettuce, apples, and peanut butter.
  • Use homemade gopher repellents to get rid of them. Fabric softener sheets, peppermint oil, and pet waste work well.
  • Flood gophers out by running water through their tunnel system. This method is complicated because you must know what to do once they are out.

Contact an Arizona Gopher Pest Control Company For The Best Solution

Although the tips we gave are useful, you should always contact a professional gopher trapper if you suspect you have gophers burrowing under your lawn. You must take action ASAP because they can cause a lot of damage in a short time.

At Gopher Guy AZ, we guarantee an effective, poison-free, and affordable gopher removal service to make sure these creatures do not go back to your garden. Contact us now to get started.


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