Can Gophers Cause Foundation Damage To My Arizona Home?

What Kind Of Damage Gophers Can Cause To Your House?

Gophers have a reputation as “cute” animals, but in reality, they are incredibly destructive. Many Arizona homeowners might come home to find that a visitor burrowed itself into the ground beneath them and nibbled away at the foundations of their houses.

But, if you have any experience with gophers, you know that they can be a real pain in the neck. They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home if not dealt with. And whatever you do, don’t try and take on gophers on your own! It’s always better to contact an Chandler gopher pest control company.

However, before contacting professionals, let’s take a look at what kind of damage gophers can cause, including foundation damage –sadly, yes, they can cause foundation damage in your home–. 

What Kind Of Damage Gophers Can Cause To Your House in Arizona

Can Gophers Damage The Foundation Of My House?

As we said before, yes, they can damage your home’s foundation. They love to dig, so it’s not a challenge for them to cause damage to your foundation if they dig close to your house.

Gophers create tunnels and holes that can change the soil underneath the foundation, leading to damage. Moreover, gophers can take advantage of these tunnels to move quickly to other places, causing more damage to pipes. 

There are other possible causes with gophers that can lead to foundation damage, so it’s better to be cautious. Once you see these small creatures near your home, be sure to contact a professional gopher removal to avoid critical damage.

Understanding The Foundation Of Your House

A home foundation is the load-bearing portion of your house structure that goes underground. It must support the structure above, keep out groundwater and act as a barrier to soil vapor.

There are three common types of home foundations, which are:

  • Concrete slab foundation
  • Crawl space foundation
  • Basement foundation 

Contact an Gilbert gopher trapper once you see gophers near your house as these creatures can make your foundation more vulnerable.

Why Are Gophers So Common?

You can find gophers almost anywhere in the U.S., but they are more popular in the Midwest. They are not the most common rodent in Arizona, but they do appear on some occasions, causing great discomfort for homeowners. 

Gophers remain active all day long, but they are not seen above ground too often. They prefer to remain underground for protection from predators (including humans).

In comparison to other countries, most locations in the U.S. have serious issues when there’s a gopher infestation. They live only five years, but they create a lot of damage during these years. 

How Can Gophers Damage My Foundation?

When gophers dig underneath your foundation, it starts to crack little by little due to the uneven weight distribution. 

These cracks are a big problem for your house. Water and moisture can enter through these cracks and affect your house. 

Concrete holds up well, but the water will cause cracks to grow in the long term, creating more damage to the structure of your house. Only an Arizona gopher pest control company can help you in this case, as it can be dangerous if you do it yourself.

Moreover, gophers can damage other elements in your house while digging your foundation. That includes plumbing systems and wires. 

Stay Alert To These Signs Of Foundation Damage

If you spot gophers in the yard, you already have the first sign of foundation issues in the future (if they haven’t happened already). However, stay alert to these signs to avoid the worst-case scenario:

  • Cracks in the foundation. These cracks indicate that the foundation is experiencing excessive levels of stress. They can also happen due to water damage.
  • Foundation sinking. Check if your floor is uneven, as it can indicate there are holes underneath the foundation. These holes can make the foundation sink more and more over time.
  • Foundation upheaval. This is contrary to sinking, so it happens when the foundation pushes upward. It usually happens when slab foundations receive excessive moisture levels. 
  • Your doors don’t shut properly. If your doors don’t shut as evenly as before, there may be an issue with the foundation. 

Contact A Top-Rated Arizona Gopher Trapper

If you notice any of the signs we mentioned above, be sure to check your yard to see if it’s a gopher problem. Seeing holes or damage to plants is enough, as these are often the key signs of a gopher infestation.

If that is the case, do not hesitate to contact Gopher Guy AZ, a gopher pest control company in Arizona that will help you get rid of these small creatures safely and humanely. 

We offer many gopher control services, including gopher trapping services and inspections. Besides, we can also help you get rid of moles and voles without using toxic methods. 

Contact us now to schedule a free estimate! 

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