What Are The Most Effective Gopher Traps?

The Best Gopher Repellent On The Market Today

Gophers are not the most wanted creature in a yard. They are infamous for wreaking havoc and damaging lawn, plants, and even house foundations. Besides, they live underground, so it can be tricky to see them. Fortunately, there are some effective gopher traps to get rid of them in the safest way possible.

The best way to trap them is by using repellents or no-kill traps. We’ve reviewed the best ones so that you can choose wisely. You can also contact Arizona gopher removal services to enjoy an effortless solution.

What Are The Best Gopher Traps In Arizona?

Victor Gopher Repellent

This multi-purpose repellent is useful with gophers, voles, armadillos, and moles because of its tunnel-penetrating formula. It has a dual-action that drives animals away due to its scent and taste. However, contrary to other toxic repellents, this one is safe and poison-free.

You can use it around children and pets without worry as it only repels burrowing animals. It doesn’t damage your landscaping, and your ground can easily absorb it.

Just be sure to use it properly, spreading the granules in specific areas each day. It may take over three days to see some results, so you must be patient with it. 

Natural Repellants (Castor Oil)

Natural repellents transform a pleasant area for a gopher into an uninhabitable one. One of the most popular natural repellents for this effect is castor oil.

Castor oil tastes bad, and it causes digestion -yet not lethal- problems in gophers. It also has a strong odor which scares them away. 

You can place liquid castor oil in the area you want to protect or around the gopher tunnels. Mixing castor oil and dish soap in a 3:1 ratio in water is also effective to deter gophers.

Contact a gopher pest control company in Chandler if you think natural repellents are not enough.

Ultrasonic Repellents

Gophers do not like to be disturbed, so ultrasonic repellents can be an excellent tool to repel them. These items send high-pitched sound waves into the ground, creating a disturbing noise to gophers and making them move anywhere else quickly. These sounds are undetectable to humans, but they are extremely annoying for gophers. 

You can get a sonic spike and put it into the ground to create the noises. These items offer over an 80% success rate. 

Natural Deterrents (Peppermint Oil, Coffee Grounds, or Tabasco Sauce)

Did you know that you have some ingredients in your kitchen that can keep gophers away? You can place all kinds of natural deterrents in your garden to repel these creatures. 

Peppermint oil, tabasco sauce, or coffee grounds are some of the most effective natural deterrents. Growing plants like sage, iris, thyme, and geranium also works as they have strong smells that repel gophers and make them move away. 

Keep in mind that the only tedious part of this method is the constant reapplication. Since it is a natural method, it is effective only to a certain extent.

If you don’t have the patience for methods like this, you may want to contact an Surprise gopher pest control company. With professional services, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming repellents.

Trenches To Keep Them Away

Trenches are crucial to establish your hold over your territory, so keep that principle in mind for creatures like gophers. The battle here is you vs. the gopher, so a 6-inch trench will be a great line of defense for your garden.

All you have to do is to dig out the trench, then fill it with rocks or wired mesh for a more effective purpose. This trench will keep gophers away and stop them from digging in your garden. 

No-Kill Traps (The Best Poison-Free Method)

Another useful and poison-free method is the no-kill trap. You can use it all year long, although they work better during spring and fall. 

Set these traps in main tunnels and bait them with lettuce, apples, peanut butter, and other vegetables like carrots and beets. The trap should catch a gopher within 48 hours, otherwise, move it to another location. 

Contacting Gopher Removal Services in Arizona

Although all of the techniques mentioned above are useful to get rid of gophers, the most effective one is contacting professional services. And in that case, you can contact Gopher Guy AZ for a trusted and 100% guaranteed solution.

At Gopher Guy AZ, we safely remove gophers, moles, ground squirrels, and voles. We use humane methods to repel these animals and protect your garden. You can contact us via web or phone to get a free quote. 

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