Identifying Gopher Damage In Your Yard & How To Get Rid Of Them

Pest Control Tips To Keep Gophers Away From Your Garden In Arizona

Having a garden is usually a blessing because it works as an outdoor sanctuary. However, the presence of a few gophers can be enough to turn this beautiful place into chaos. Gophers dig the ground deep enough to damage plants, and they can easily wreak havoc on your lawn.

Luckily, there are some ways to safely get rid of these creatures and take care of your property. A Arizona gopher pest control company has shared below its top gopher control tips to help you identify them. With these tips, you will also know how to keep them away from your garden without further risk.

A gopher digging a tunnel in an Arizona backyard.

What Are Gophers & Why Are They A Risk To Your Garden?

Gophers are furry rodents that weigh over a pound, and grow about 5 to 14 inches in length. Contrary to prairie dogs, they do not have small incisors but large front teeth that help them loosen rocks and roots.

Like other rodents (for example, mice and voles), gophers love to dig. They have fur-lined cheek pouches that they use to store and transfer food.

They can close their lips behind their teeth to dig more efficiently. With this technique, they keep the dirt out of their mouths while moving underground. Their small yet powerful bodies help them travel efficiently through tunnels, and their sharp claws act like shovels to move soil and simplify their travel.

The rodents prefer sandy soil areas, although you can find them in North and Central America. They represent a huge danger to any garden because they create a vast network of tunnels, damaging anything on their way, including plants and orchards.

Surprise gopher removal services are usually the best option for getting rid of gophers. But, if you identify just a couple of these rodents at home, you may be able to do something on your own.

How To Identify Gopher Damage In Your Garden

It’s not too difficult to tell where gophers live. They usually push excess soil to the surface while digging tunnels. They create long mounds that you can easily detect in a garden.

The thing is that mounds alone aren’t the only thing to consider (moles also create mounds). Gophers push the dirt out while digging creating a fan pattern, while moles create conical, neat mounds.

Another difference is that gophers plug the entry holes. Look at the mounds closely to verify they have plugs sitting on the top. If you do see the plugs, then there are gophers in the area.

Keep in mind that gophers are diurnal creatures, and contrary to other rodents, they do not hibernate.

Why Do Gophers Come To My Yard?

There are many reasons involved, including food and shelter. Take into account that once you have a few gophers in the garden, the problem will get bigger over time because they reproduce quickly. Contact a gopher pest control company in Chandler before they become a more difficult problem.

Here are a few things that may be attracting gophers to your yard:

  • Food: This is indeed the most common reason why gophers visit your garden. They love the roots and tubers of plants, so they will destroy them to eat them.
  • Soil: If your soil is loose and sandy, gophers may find it attractive to excavate.
  • Shelter: Gophers are prey animals for other big animals, so they need vast areas to protect themselves. That’s why they built tunnels under your garden, your trees, and along the fence.

How To Get Rid Of Gophers Humanely

Do you want to get rid of these creatures without killing them? Don’t worry, it’s ok to avoid hurting them (we know they are very adorable creatures to look at), and luckily, there are many options to get rid of them safely.

Here are some of them:

  • No-Kill Gopher Traps

Trapping is the most effective method to keep these creatures away without harming them. These traps work best in the spring and fall since gophers are most active during these seasons. No-kill traps have a con though: they’re time-consuming. You can always contract an Arizona gopher trapper to save yourself some time.

  • Exclusion Fencing

This is a smart method to keep gophers away from food sources. Installing exclusion fencing prevents gophers from excavating into your lawn or garden. The only con of this method is its difficulty, which can lead to several changes in your landscaping.

  • Gopher Repellents

You can use natural or mechanical repellants to force gophers to go somewhere else. Castor oil is a good choice because it has a laxative effect on gophers, while ultrasonic repellers work with a high-pitched sound that bothers them.

Call Expert Gopher Pest Control Services In Arizona

Gophers may look adorable at first sight, but don’t let them fool you with their appearance. These creatures can quickly destroy a garden, which is why you need to get them away as quickly and professionally as possible. Fortunately, Gopher Guy AZ is ready to help!

Gopher Guy AZ is a gopher pest control company in Arizona with over 20 years of experience. We have the best expertise to handle your gopher problem humanely and professionally. Contact us now to schedule a free estimate.


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